Between hotel and beach there is two hectares Garden.
it is composed by tamarisk, high tall palms, seasonal blossoms: it is a real park with relaxing atmosphere even in August.

Just a walk on the path that lead to sea and immediately can relax and enjoy the scent of the summer.
It is equipped with parasols and sun beds which allow babies to crawl without sand problems and to arrive just in few steps and no stumbling from the rooms.
Our Beach Café is at the edge of the garden and offers several proposals of choice: from cold drinks to fruit salad, or excellent lunches too.
The playground, with slide and swing, mini club area, the veranda are all wide spaces dedicated to children meanwhile adults can relax.


Wide beach concession, with 150 meters front sea, is immediately close to the Garden. The irony sand  facilitates the tan; the sea level is degrading and make it suitable for a safe bath even with children.
Beach equipment are setting in order to leave large spaces among the rows: sea view and the passage are absolutely sure.

Beautiful Mediterranean dunes with manifold vegetation: tamarisk, agaves, lily , pigface or Hottentot plant, myrtle and chamomile.

The frequent and pleasant wind brings the scent of the sea and relief the hot of the summer. Above all the wind makes dry and not rainy our seasons.
Just 20 minutes walk and you can discover ancient remains of roman villa on the shoreline.

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